002 – Lightscape

People standing in the Winter Cathedral at Lightscape

Last night, I took a trip to the nearby arboretum because they have a light installation which transforms the green, plant-filled space into a dazzling experience. Apparently, the show, produced by Culture Creative, started in London and made its way to Chicago and California.

The arboretum has an annual lights festival during the holidays. Back in 2018, it was Lunar New Year themed – there were Chinese zodiac lights and lanterns.

Me marveling at all the lanterns

This year overall was more generically Christmas throughout the gardens. When you enter, you get funneled into a one-way loop. As you walk forward, you immediately become greeted with lights and hear music that radiates Christmas spirit. You walk through different light installations and artwork, and each section plays a different song that pairs well with the installation; I heard songs from The Nutcracker, The Polar Express, Charlie Brown, and even a lofi version of a popular Christmas song!

Tons of people gathered under the Winter Cathedral. Each light is a flower!

But the true enhancement came when I throw on a pair of diffraction glasses. I bought myself a 10 pack a couple years back but never got the opportunity to wear them… til now 🙂

Before glasses

After glasses: link to video

Overall, it was a really great experience and I recommend everyone go!

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