006 – Song Gif of the Day – Exile

I ran a short-lived passion project a couple years back called “Song Gif of the Day”. Each day, I would post a gif (do you pronounce it with a hard “g” like “gone” or a soft “g” like “Jif peanut butter”?) of a song’s music video or lyric video. Songs easily get stuck in my head, and I typically have a favorite line or part of the song that musically hits right. I also enjoy watching music videos and wanted to capture certain portions of the song visually through a gif.

I thought I’d bring this idea back from time to time to help create content for my 100 day blogging challenge 🙂

Today’s gif is Exile by Taylor Swift, featuring Bon Iver. In all honesty, I’m not a Swiftie. Usually when a T Swift song comes on, I change the radio station or skip it in a playlist. However, I was unable to skip this song because I was too preoccupied, and thank goodness! I was entranced by the melancholy of the piano, the rumbling of Bon Iver’s voice, and the realness of the lyrics. This song led me to listen to some of Taylor Swift’s Folklore album, and I’m pleasantly surprised at the the indie vibes, which I prefer over her bubblegum pop songs. I might be converting into a Swiftie 👀

12/8/21 Exile – Taylor Swift ft Bon Iver
I think I’ve seen this road before, and I didn’t like the ending.

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