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  • 005 – Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

    005 – Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

    To be able to see the thought process on movies I’ve watched countless times, early sketches of the characters I grew up watching, and real-life models of movie scenes delighted every fiber of my being.

  • 004 – Cringe Memories

    Do you ever sit still, hoping to enjoy the peace and quiet, when suddenly, a cringey memory attacks you? You weren’t searching for that memory that you buried deep down inside, but the memory found its way to the forefront of your conscious thought and now you’re trying to escape. Since being back at home, […]

  • 003 – Boba Addiction

    “Want to get boba?” After every dance practice in my college days, guaranteed you would hear somebody ask this to a fellow dancemate. If you asked me, I would’ve said, “I don’t want boba, but I’ll come,” you know, to be social. A History of Boba For those of you that don’t know what boba […]

  • 002 – Lightscape

    002 – Lightscape

    Last night, I took a trip to the nearby arboretum because they have a light installation which transforms the green, plant-filled space into a dazzling experience. Apparently, the show, produced by Culture Creative, started in London and made its way to Chicago and California. The arboretum has an annual lights festival during the holidays. Back […]

  • 001 – Hello World

    Hello World! This is a test post on my new account. I’m excited to share something new everyday and learn something new about WordPress little by little.