Book Overload

Day 10/100

I’ve been really invested in completing my book challenge! The most recent book I read, Haben, was a genuinely good read. Since I read on a Kindle, I don’t get tactile information on how far along I am in a book; I was surprised to look to the bottom right corner for the number that denotes percentage complete that I was already 50% of the way through; I was so immersed in the book the first couple of hours, I was zooming through the pages. The second half was also a breeze.

Now that I know I can read a book within two days without feeling any rush, I have more motivation to finish 3 more books to complete my goal of 30 books in 2021. They just have to be great books!

In the last two days, I’ve sent 5 books from the Libby app to my Kindle because all my pending holds became ready to borrow at the same time, and after skimming through the Goodreads Best Book Finalists 2021, I found some titles ready to borrow through the Libby app as well. I’m overflowing with ebooks! It’s awesome though – even if I don’t finish these by the end of 2021, I can get a headstart for 2022!

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