I was about to type something poetic today when I heard strange noises, as though the wallpaper were peeling. I looked over to the right, trying to find the source of noise toward the ceiling. After a couple of confusing seconds, my eyes wandered down to the floor. And there it was. A BIG. HUGE. BUG.

It looks like a struggling cockroach or beetle – it’s on its back, and the noises are from bug twitching, its legs rapidly striking the floor. I have little problems with spiders but when it comes to large, twitchy insects, I would like to avoid them.

I’m safely 9 feet away on my couch and I don’t plan to get any closer. I have half a mind to just exit the apartment until my roommate comes home to deal with it for me. Maybe if I leave, it’ll twitch itself away. I’m scared to even cross its path to go to the bathroom.

I’ll try being poetic tomorrow.


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