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    I was about to type something poetic today when I heard strange noises, as though the wallpaper were peeling. I looked over to the right, trying to find the source of noise toward the ceiling. After a couple of confusing seconds, my eyes wandered down to the floor. And there it was. A BIG. HUGE. […]

  • Using the New Twenty Twenty-Two Theme

    Wow, my background isn’t pastel green anymore! I’m not picky with my WordPress themes, so I didn’t delve into customizing the previous Twenty Twenty-One theme. But already, I quite like the Twenty Twenty-Two theme, where less is more. I’ll be playing around the theme for the first time while writing this post. Colors I can’t […]

  • Lo-fi Music for Productivity

    What is it about lo-fi music that gets us in the mood to work? My introduction to lo-fi was with Lofi Girl on YouTube when the username was ChilledCow and the animation featured Shizuku from Whisper of the Heart studying on loop. Maybe I was at that period of my life where I didn’t want […]

  • Disnerds at Disneyland

    In January, I visited Disney’s California Adventures Theme Park with a group of friends. I hadn’t been in over 4 years, but I knew I would enjoy myself. The Disney parks provide their visitors with the best experience one could have at a theme park. Magic flows through the air, the land is always clean, […]

  • Easing Back In

    I took a fat break from writing and blogging starting late December. Although the holidays were not quite upon us then, my brain signaled to me that it was time to stop being productive and start embracing, as another blog so rightly put it, December-itis. During my blog hiatus, I was cooking food, exploring theme […]

  • Book Overload

    Day 10/100 I’ve been really invested in completing my book challenge! The most recent book I read, Haben, was a genuinely good read. Since I read on a Kindle, I don’t get tactile information on how far along I am in a book; I was surprised to look to the bottom right corner for the […]

  • 009 – Goodreads Reading Challenge – OKR Check-In

    009 – Goodreads Reading Challenge – OKR Check-In

    In 2018, I discovered a fun book-centric website called Goodreads. It’s like Yelp for books – you can look up interesting or popular books, post the books you’ve read along with a review, and follow your friends and view each others’ books you’ve read. My favorite part about Goodreads is the Reading Challenge. With the […]

  • 008 – Pretzel Mania

    008 – Pretzel Mania

    I was in a baking mood today. My cinnamon rolls went stale and I wanted to bring life into the kitchen this morning via warmth from the oven and the smell of freshly-baked-goods. I decided to whip out my recipe book (aka unorganized bookmarks in my Google Chrome browser) and rummage through the recipes – […]

  • 007 – Autumn in Massanutten

    007 – Autumn in Massanutten

    Back in November, I visited the East Coast. I usually experience autumn in California where temperatures are temperate and seasons stay relatively the same year round. I took a 3 day trip to Massanutten, located in Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. It’s typically a ski resort village in the wintertime, but I was going for a simple […]

  • 006 – Song Gif of the Day – Exile

    I ran a short-lived passion project a couple years back called “Song Gif of the Day”. Each day, I would post a gif (do you pronounce it with a hard “g” like “gone” or a soft “g” like “Jif peanut butter”?) of a song’s music video or lyric video. Songs easily get stuck in my […]