Easing Back In

I took a fat break from writing and blogging starting late December. Although the holidays were not quite upon us then, my brain signaled to me that it was time to stop being productive and start embracing, as another blog so rightly put it, December-itis.

During my blog hiatus, I was cooking food, exploring theme parks, participating in photoshoots with friends, and spending time with my family. I also did an end-of-the-year wrap up and set goals for myself in 2022.

Two of the goals I have are:

1. Read 35 books

This year I made it to 31/30. Let’s crank it up for 2022!

2. Restart my newsletter and blogging challenge

I happen to have a separate personal newsletter that also uses creative writing juices. During December, I was unable to sustain both at the level I wanted. This made it onto the list with the knowledge that I will be more balanced between the two. If I miss a newsletter or a couple of days of the blogging challenge, so be it. I’m still easing back into it, after all.

Day 11/100 of the 100 Day Blogging Challenge.

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