Using the New Twenty Twenty-Two Theme

Wow, my background isn’t pastel green anymore!

I’m not picky with my WordPress themes, so I didn’t delve into customizing the previous Twenty Twenty-One theme. But already, I quite like the Twenty Twenty-Two theme, where less is more. I’ll be playing around the theme for the first time while writing this post.


I can’t remember if it was easy to do before, but changing the text color is as easy as clicking to the Block section on the right hand side column and toggling the color.

I can also change color of this block’s background color.

You can edit the text and link color on a global setting.


It’s also easy for me to change the font size because there are numbers on the side that denote heading. I don’t remember having the option to change the font size in the last theme.

Bigger font!

smaller font.

One-click to change between headings


I like the simplistic look of Twenty Twenty-Two more than the pastel of Twenty Twenty-One. It fits my personality more closely. I also like how my blog post titles in the home page are smaller than in the previous theme.

Block Editing

There’s been buzz about how Twenty Twenty-Two is the first default block theme. I will be honest and say I am unsure the implications of this, but I am excited to use this theme from today onward, customize as much as I can, and learn all about blocks!

Day 14/100 of the 100 Day Blogging Challenge.

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